Summer Summer Summer Thyme

I wanted to brew a wit beer for us to drink over the summer in our new garden, but, me being me, I wanted to flavor it somehow.

I’ve had a couple of beers using herbs this past year. Namely Borg’s Snorri, a wit beer using artic thyme and Colorado’s Wild Sage which is awesome.  Snorri is probably Simon’s favourite summer beer (but Brew By Number’s Saphir Grisette is a very close 2nd). So I’ve decided to go for a lemon thyme wit beer.  Well, that was until my friend Skully recommended verbena so I’m going to split the batch and do both.


2kg Pale malt
2kg wheat malt
15g Citra at 60 mins
20g dried  orange peel at 5 mins
20g lightly crushed coriander seeds at 5mins
Belgian Wit yeast

I wanted to keep this simple and not strong. I want a good session summer beer.  Using citra again as I still bloody have some in my freezer! Plus I’m not a fan of the traditional wit beer hops.

I stepped my mash starting at 50oC for the protein rest for 30 mins then up to 69 for 30 mins then up to 75 for the last 10 mins.

After 3 weeks fermenting I split into two 5l demi Johns (deciding to bottle 10l as plain wit as it was so nice) and put 40g of lemon verbena in one and a bunch of thyme from my garden in the other. The thyme was in for a day as it came across as quite strong but once bottled it has, sadly, mellowed a bit. The verbena was in for 4 days. It has given the beer a floral and lemon finish but I think it’ll be better if next time I make a hot tea with it and leave it to cool before adding as I think this’ll bring more flavour than just cold brewing.

Lessons learned.



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