Pirate Juice – a samphire and dried Iranian lime gose

I have some very salty samphire in my freezer, too salty to actually eat so I had a brainwave that it might be good for making a gose.  I did a quick google to ensure I wasn’t going mad and low and behold St Austell have made one previously in collaboration with the Craft Beer Channel. 

I have recently discovered the joys of dried Iranian limes thanks to Persepolis in Peckham. I think their tart, sherbert qualities will go well in a gose so have decided to add them in too.
Grain bill
2.3kg wheat malt

1.5kg German Pilsner malt

900g acidulated malt

15g Hallertauer hops at 60 mins

28g ground coriander seeds at 10 mins

10g sea salt at 10 mins

500g samphire blended at 10 mins

15 dried Iranian limes at 10 mins

I mashed in at 65°C for an hour all of the grains except the acidulated malt. I then added the acidulated malt and mashed at the same temperature for a further 45 minutes then raised to 76°C and sparged.
I added the ground coriander seeds, salt, samphire and dried Iranian limes at 10 minutes and left the limes in during the chill too. It fermented for a few weeks with White Labs WLP029 Kolsch yeast and is now in the bottle. I’m very much looking forward to cracking one open in a few weeks.

Updates on other brews

The Blood orange bretted saison is nearly ready having been in the fermenter for almost 6 months.  I plan to bottle it at the end of September.  It tastes amazing, very fruity with lots of pineapple from the brett.  Here’s the sexy pellicle.

My Verbena and Thyme wit beers have finally carbed up! Imagine my surprise when I opened one to be greeted by a fountain of beer all over my kitchen. I think the hot weather we’ve had recently has kicked it in.

The Imperial Stout is still flat but tastes incredible. Have had a few sneaky bottles to catch up on progress.  Still not planning to drink properly until December and still planning to brew again next year and referment with champagne yeast.

I am taking delivery on Monday of a 10 litre ex-herb liqueur barrel.  My plan is to plonk a saison in it first and then do a wild cherry beer using the cherries from my garden.  The barrel will sit in my shed which is next to my cherry tree. If anyone has any other ideas I’m all ears.

My lovely friend Alex has discovered some 10l demi johns which have been in her family for a while. They are a bit grubby but she’s offered to clean them up and give them to me,  you’re a star. I can’t wait to make some experimental batches in them. Simon is getting me a short malt pipe for my Braumeister for Christmas so I can do smaller 10l experimental batches so that works out well. 

Next brew is a black blackberry gose, which is being brewed this weekend. Simon is away at a stag do so I’m having my friends Mick and Si over for brewday funtimes! 


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