IMG_20190527_155630.jpgAt Christmas Water Into Beer homebrew club had a lucky dip challenge where a malt, yeast and hop were picked out and we had to brew something with them. I wasn’t present for mine and I forgot to pick them up til a month later. I got Biscuit malt, New World Strong Ale yeast and Ekuanot. Sooo my first thought was BARLEYWINE.

However, I loved the Adambier I had from Hair of the Dog which, I think, is more of a smoked scotch ale as Adambier is usually soured. I decided to do something along those lines and adapted their recipe which I picked up from the Home Brew Chef website replacing some of the pale malt with the biscuit malt and using Ekuanot.


10kg Pale Malt

1kg Biscuit malt

1kg Munich malt

600g Crystal malt

450g Peated malt

225g Chocolate malt

100g Black malt


I had an issue with the New World Strong Ale yeast, it stalled at 1.030. I added a second packet which did some work but ultimately this only got down to 1.028. I’d would’ve liked it to go a little bit further so it didn’t have so much residual sweetness. It’s good though, I’ve enjoyed my test bottle, hic.

As I feel this is more of a peated scotch ale I’m naming it after my oldest traced Scottish ancestor, Griselda Shanks. Griselda is a pretty epic name to be fair.



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