No Work Wednesdays

Apologies reader but I have been neglecting this blog. I got ill last year which took out a chunk of my usual brewing time but I’m fine now and, as of the start of 2020, I no longer work on Wednesdays. Hooray! This means I have ample time to brew, so no excuses.

To celebrate, I brewed on my first Wednesday off. I had a mooch about in my stores and found I had the ingredients for a wit beer which I added dried Iranian limes to in the boil. I got lazy though and couldn’t be bothered to bottle it, so in went some Bruxellensis!

After sitting for 3 months it was ready. I added more limes just before bottling and voila! A tasty brew was born.

10 litre batch

1.5kg wheat malt
1.5kg pilsner
10g hallertau blanc at 60 mins
10g coriander seeds at 10mina
10 dried Iranian limes at 10 mins
10 dried Iranian limes 2 days before bottling

Fermented with Mangrove Jack’s M21 Belgian Wit


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