A man must have a code saison

Just as lockdown kicked in, I was meant to be brewing with Dan Jackson who runs Wrong Side of the Tracks Brewery. Dan started out at my homebrew club and has now got his own brewery. He’s been doing collabs with various members of our club and we were meant to brew a saison together but Covid-19 had other ideas.

Seeing as I couldn’t brew it with Dan, I decided to do it by myself at home but homebrew ingredients suddenly became hotter property than loo roll! I suppose with us not knowing when this would end, everyone was stocking up. So a big thanks to Dan and also Andy from Almost off Grid who came through and gave me the various bits and pieces I needed.

I wanted this saison to have spelt and I wanted to use one of the Belgian yeasts ideally as I find they may take longer but are spicier than the French. I ended up with a yeast I’ve not used before so I added some grains of paradise to ensure there was some spice either way.

Luckily Dan had made his before me and gave me warning that the spelt had made his sparge a nightmare so I managed to get some rice hulls delivered from Water into Beer which helped hugely.

I’m massively happy with the result, I’m influenced by Burning Sky and it reminds me a little of a Burning Sky saison. It’s helping me get through lock down and I’ll defo stick to this recipe from now on I think.

20 litre batch

4kg Pilsner
1.3kg spelt
250g rice hulls
20g magnum at 60 mins
15g magnum at 30 mins
20g hallertauer hersbrucker at 15 mins
20g grains of paradise at 5 mins
10g bitter orange peel at 5 mins

Yeast was SafAle BE-134


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